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In this age of High Frequency Trading (HFT), speed is a major determining factor between a profitable and loss making trade. An efficient order routing platform has always been in demand by both institutional and retail participants.

While most of the recent technological advances in the world of trading has been in the realm of big institutions, there is very little which caters to the needs of the small/retail traders. ArthaChitra tries to fill this gap and present the small/retail traders with an efficient order routing platform, be it manual or automated.

While ArthaChitra lets tech savvy traders to codify their thoughts using our C# based script editor and run automated strategies, it also provides a host of innovative and efficient features for non-tech savvy traders. Features like trading directly from charts, order templates, basket orders etc empowers a trader to manage his/her trades in a more efficient way. Please find below the various order routing features of ArthaChitra: