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Strategy View

It is quite common for users to run multiple strategies at the same time. In such scenario it may not be always practical to open multiple charts and run the strategies. Besides user may not need the visual display (which is resource heavy) at all to run his/her strategies. The Strategy View let one to run multiple strategies in one view.


The Strategy View can be accessed from, in Main View menu bar goto New > Strategy View.

In the Strategy View user has to first select the instrument, and an appropriate barType and then the strategy.

  • Select the instrument from the top-right of the Strategy View
  • Configure the bars settings from the right pane
  • Click on the Add button (on the top-right) to open the Strategy Selector View to select the Strategy

Note: To disable/remove a strategy simply select the strategy and click on the Close button (the close button will be visible when the strategy is selected)

Strategy View