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SharpCharts.Base.SharpScript Namespace

Public classAlertObj
Public classCloseSeries
Public classDefaultFill
Public classEnumProperty
Public classExportXamlView
Interaction logic for ExportXamlView.xaml
Public classExportXamlViewModel
Public classFillBase
Public classHighSeries
Public classImportXaml
Public classIndicatorBase
Base class for Indicator
Public classInputAttribute
Input attribute class. If attributed to a property then the property is included while evaluating IsEqual method
Public classLine
Public classLowSeries
Public classMedianSeries
Public classOpenSeries
Public classOptimizerAttribute
Declarative tag determining whether the property will be evaluated while optimizing a strategy
Public classPerformanceBase
Base class for calculating the performance statistics
Public classPlot
Public classPlotStyle
Public classPortfolioView
Interaction logic for PortfolioView.xaml
Public classPortfolioViewModel
Public classPrintLogBase
PrintLogBase class
Public classScriptSelectorView
Interaction logic for ScriptSelectorView.xaml
Public classSeriesT
Series class. Implements ISeries interface
Public classSharpScriptBase
Base class for Indicators
Public classStrategyBase
Base class for Strategy
Public classStrategyView
Interaction logic for StrategyView.xaml
Public classStrategyViewModel
Public classTimeSeries
Public classTypicalSeries
Public classUserConverterBase
Public classUserValueConverter
Public classVolumeSeries
Public classWeightedSeries
Public classXamlItem
Public interfaceIPerformanceT
IPerformance interface, if implemented in a Strategy Performance userCode then the calculated value will be displayed in Performance tab in the Strategy Performance View
Public interfaceISeriesT
ISeries interface
Public interfaceISummeryT
ISummery interface, if implemented in a Strategy Performance userCode then the calculated values will be displayed in the Summery tab in the Strategy Performance View
Public interfaceITransaction
ITransaction interface
Public enumerationCalculate
Determines how the OnBarUpdate will be called
Public enumerationConnectionLossHandling
Connection loss handling.
Public enumerationEntryHandling
Entry handling determines how Entries per direction will be calculated
Public enumerationPriceType
Price type determines what value a price series (IPriceSeries) will return
Public enumerationRealtimeErrorHandling
Real time error handling.
Public enumerationState
Returns the current state of the script
Public enumerationSummeryType
SummeryType categorize the ISummery
Public enumerationVolumeType
Volume type