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ChartProperties Class

Chart properties class
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  SharpCharts.Base.Chart
Assembly:  SharpCharts.Base (in SharpCharts.Base.dll) Version: (
public class ChartProperties : DomProperties

The ChartProperties type exposes the following members.

Public methodChartProperties
Public propertyBackground
Gets or sets the background
Public propertyBackgroundOpacity
Gets or set the background opacity
Public propertyCrosshairBrush
Gets the crosshair brush
Public propertyCrosshairPen
Gets or sets the crosshair pen
Public propertyDayBreakPen
Gets or sets the day break pen
Public propertyDayXAxisTimeFormat
Gets or sets the day XAxis time format
Public propertyFontFamily
Gets or sets the chart font family
(Inherited from DomProperties.)
Public propertyFontHeight
Gets or sets the font height
(Inherited from DomProperties.)
Public propertyFontSize
Gets or sets the font size
(Inherited from DomProperties.)
Public propertyGridLinePen (Inherited from DomProperties.)
Public propertyIsBackgroundTransparent (Inherited from DomProperties.)
Public propertyIsGridLineVisible
Public propertyIsPriceLadderVisible (Inherited from DomProperties.)
Public propertyIsQuantityFormatted (Inherited from DomProperties.)
Public propertyIsVolumeLadderVisible (Inherited from DomProperties.)
Public propertyMargin
Gets or sets the margin
Public propertyMinuteXAxisTimeFormat
Gets or sets the Minute XAxis time format
Public propertyRowHeight
Gets or sets the RowHeight. RowHeight == FontHeight + FontHeight * 0.5
(Inherited from DomProperties.)
Public propertyScrollbarHeight
Gets or sets the scroll bar height
Public propertySecondXAxisTimeFormat
Gets or sets the XAxis time format
Public propertyShowScrollbar
Gets or sets the show scroll bar
Public propertyShowToolbar
Gets or sets the show tool bar
Public propertySplitterColor
Gets or sets the splitter color
Public propertySplitterHeight
Gets or set the splitter height
Public propertyTime
Gets or sets the time span
Public propertyXAxisMargin
Gets the XAxis margin
Public propertyYAxisMargin
Gets the YAxis margin
Public propertyYAxisWidth
Gets or sets the YAxis width. GridUnitType = Pixel
Public propertyYAxisWidthSerializer
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