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ChartViewModel Class

Chart View Model class
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  SharpCharts.Base.Chart
Assembly:  SharpCharts.Base (in SharpCharts.Base.dll) Version: (
public class ChartViewModel : ThreadedViewModelBase, 
	IWeakEventListener, IDom

The ChartViewModel type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActivateLinkedViewCommand
Public propertyActivateLinkType
Public propertyAddBarTypeToListCommand
Public propertyAutoGridLength
Public propertyBars
Gets the Bars
Public propertyBarsDataCommand
Gets the bars data command
Public propertyBarTypeCommand
Public propertyChartProperties
Gets the chart properties
Public propertyContextMenuItems
Gets the context menu items
Public propertyCursorCommand
Public propertyCursorsView
Public propertyDataSeriesCommand
Gets the data series command
Public propertyDecreaseSpaceCommand
Gets the decrease bar space command
Public propertyDecreaseWidthCommand
Gets the decrease bar width command
Public propertyDeleteBarTypeFromListCommand
Protected propertyDialogService (Inherited from MessageBoxBase.)
Public propertyDomHelper
Public propertyEditChartStyleCommand
Gets the edit chart style command
Public propertyError
Gets the Error string
(Inherited from MessageBoxBase.)
Public propertyF1Command
Gets the F1 command
Protected propertyFileService (Inherited from MessageBoxBase.)
Public propertyFirstBarPainted
Gets or sets the first bar painted
Public propertyHasVisualChanged
Public propertyIncreaseSpaceCommand
Gets the increase bar space command
Public propertyIncreaseWidthCommand
Gets the increase bar width command
Public propertyIndicatorCommand
Gets the indicator command
Public propertyInstrumentCommand
Public propertyInstrumentLinkType
Public propertyIsExpanded
Public propertyIsHitTestVisible
Gets or sets the hit test visible property
Public propertyItem
Gets the IDataErrorInfo error string
(Inherited from MessageBoxBase.)
Public propertyItems
Gets the chart element viewmodel items
Public propertyLoadedCommand
Gets the view loaded command
Protected propertyMessageBox (Inherited from MessageBoxBase.)
Public propertyMouseBarIndex
Public propertyMouseLinkType
Public propertyMouseXPosition
Public propertyOrderHelper
Gets the order helper
Public propertyPanelHeight
Get or set the panel height
Public propertyPanelWidth
Gets or sets the panel width
Public propertyPreviewKeyDownCommand
Public propertyPreviewKeyUpCommand
Public propertyPreviewMouseDownCommand
Gets the preview mouse down command
Public propertyPreviewMouseMoveCommand
Public propertyPreviewMouseWheelCommand
Gets the mouse wheel command
Public propertyPropertiesCommand
Gets the properties command
Public propertyReloadHistoricalDataCommand
Public propertySaveTemplateCommand
Public propertyScreenshotCommand
Public propertyScrollBarScrollCommand
Gets the scroll bar command
Public propertySelectedCursor
Public propertySelectedIndicatorTemplateCommand
Public propertySelectedMouseType
Public propertySelectedMouseTypeCommand
Public propertySelectedTemplate
Public propertySelectedTemplateCommand
Public propertyShowChartTrader
Gets or sets the show chart trader
Protected propertySingletonService (Inherited from MessageBoxBase.)
Public propertyStrategyCommand
Gets the strategy command
Public propertyTemplatesView
Public propertyToolBarItems
Gets the tool bar items
Public propertyTopMost
Gets or set the top most
Public propertyViewHeight (Inherited from ViewModelBase.)
Public propertyViewLeft (Inherited from ViewModelBase.)
Public propertyViewTitle (Inherited from ViewModelBase.)
Public propertyViewTop (Inherited from ViewModelBase.)
Public propertyViewWidth (Inherited from ViewModelBase.)
Public propertyViewWindowState (Inherited from ViewModelBase.)
Public propertyWorkspaceName (Inherited from ViewModelBase.)
Public propertyXAxis
Gets the XAxis
Public propertyXAxisPreviewMouseDownCommand
Public propertyXAxisPreviewMouseMoveCommand
Public propertyXCommand
Gets the close indicator panel command
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Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
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Protected methodFinalize
Allows an object to try to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before it is reclaimed by garbage collection.
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Serves as the default hash function.
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Protected methodNotifyPropertyChanged (Inherited from ViewModelBase.)
Protected methodOnClosing (Overrides ThreadedViewModelBase.OnClosing(CancelEventArgs).)
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
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Protected methodUnsubscribeRealTimeData (Overrides ThreadedViewModelBase.UnsubscribeRealTimeData.)
Public eventPropertyChanged (Inherited from ViewModelBase.)
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