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ArthaChitra lets one to custom code their own ideas and one can build a vast array of add-ons like indicators, strategies, chartOjects, barTypes, chartStyle to name a few via SharpScript, a C# based language.

How to add a new SharpScript code
  • In Main View menu bar goto New > SharpScript > New
  • In the New SharpScript View select the ScriptType you want to develop
  • Append a name
  • Click Ok

How to edit an existing SharpScript code

To edit an existing SharpScript code please follow the below steps

  • In Main View menu bar goto New > SharpScript > Edit
  • In the SharpScript File Dialog select the necessary ScriptType
  • Select the file you want to edit
  • Click Ok
User Codes

ArthaChira exposes the below ScriptTypes and using the SharpScript Editor you can create your own SharpScript UserCodes. Please click on the below links to know more about it.

Common Codes

In a first of its kind ArthaChitra exposes the Views. You can build custom Xaml templates to create your own data template and apply it. Please refer to the below link to know more.