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SharpCharts.Base.Connection Namespace
Public classExternalConnectionBase
Base class for building an External Connection
Public classExternalOptionsBase
Base class for External Options
Public interfaceIConnection
IConnection interface
Public enumerationConnectionState
Returns the connection state
Public enumerationConnectionType
Connection type
Public enumerationDataFeedProvider
ArthaChitra supports multiple data feed providers. The detailed functionality of the various supported data feed providers are listed below:
NameExchangeSupported InstrumentsRealtime DataHistorical BuiltDataTypeOrderTypeTimeInForceHelp guide
Interactive BrokersExchanges supported by Interactive BrokersIndex, Stocks, Futures, Options, ForexLast, Bid, Ask, Open, High, Low, Previous Close, Total Volume, VWAP, Implied Volatility, Delta, Gamma, Vega, ThetaTick, Minute, DayMarket, Limit, Stop, Stop LimitDAY, GTD, GTC, IOC, AON, DTC, OPGHelp guide
QUANDLExchanges supported by QuandlStocks, Futures, IndexNADayNANAHelp guide
TRUEDATANSE, MCXIndex, Stocks, Futures, OptionsLast, Bid, Ask, Open, High, Low, Previous Close, Total Volume, OI, Previous OI, VWAPTick, Minute, DayNANAHelp guide