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ExternalOptionsBase Properties

The ExternalOptionsBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCurrencies
Gets the supported Currencies by the connection
Public propertyDefaultTemplate
Gets the default template
Public propertyExchanges
Gets the supported Exchanges by the connection
Public propertyExternalConnectionType
Gets the External Connection Type associated with the External Options
Public propertyHasParameter
Gets if the template has parameter
Public propertyHistoricalBuiltDataTypes
Gets the historical build data types
Public propertyHistoricalMarketDataTypes
Gets the supported Historical market data types by the connection
Public propertyInstrumentTypes
Gets the supported instrument types by the connection
Public propertyIsSnapQuotesArraySupported
Gets if snap quotes array is supported or not
Public propertyIsSnapQuotesSupported
Gets if snap quote is supported or not
Public propertyRealTimeMarketDataTypes
Gets the supported real-time market data types by the connection
Public propertySupportsMultipleConnections
Gets if the external connection supports multiple connection
Public propertyTemplate
Gets the associated Xaml template
Public propertyTemplateType
Gets the Template Type
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