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Global Datafeeds Connections

This section describes how to configure the Global Datafeeds connection. Global Datafeeds is a vendor of streaming realtime, delayed, snapshot, end-of-day and historical data of Indian Stock Exchanges like National Stock Exchange (NSE, NFO, and CDS), Multi Commodities Exchange (MCX) since 2010


Please make sure you meet the below requirements to connect to Global Datafeeds:

  • A valid subscription with Global Datafeeds. To know about the available plans and pricing details please click here.

Please follow the below steps to make a connection with Global Datafeeds:

  • In the "Main View" goto Connection > Add Edit Connection
  • In the Add Edit connection view click on the Add button
  • In the "New Connection View" select 'Global Datafeeds' as the Connection Type
  • Append a name in the Name textBox
  • Append the Api Key as provided by Global Datafeeds in the Api Key textbox
  • The Master Symbol Download Interval determines after how many days the instrument list will be downloaded. The default value is 7 days and any value between 1 and 15 can be set.
  • Click on the Close button and exit the Add Edit connection view

Now you will be able to connect to the newly created connection:

  • In Main View goto Connection > Available Connections > {Global Datafeeds connection name}
Global Datafeeds Connection Settings
  • Global Datafeeds provides Level-I realtime data and historical data for Tick, Minute and Day format depending on your subscription plan.
  • Global Datafeeds provides Continuous data for futures contracts. ArthaChitra supports historical continuous data for the near month contracts only. Thus if you are pulling Continuous Data then the connection will return backfill data for the near month contract.
  • ArthaChitra downloads symbol list of various exchanges as provided by Global Datafeeds while connecting to it. These files can be in excess of 10 MB and can a while to download depending your internet speed. ArthaChitra does caches the downloaded files and re-uses it. User can configure download interval from the connection settings.