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Market Scanner View

The Market Scanner is an advanced view which lets one to take a closer look at the market. One can add different metrics to get an in-depth analytical view of the market.

One can apply in indicator in the Market Scanner and scan the market, in realtime (or on historical data)

Market Scanner View
How to add an Indicator column

The Market Scanner allows one to add an indicator and view the values of the selected series. The values are updated in real-time and is a great way to scan the market metrics as it unfolds.

Please follow the below steps to add an Indicator:

  • Select the Indicator Scanner from the top left listbox and click on the Add button to add the indicator scanner.
  • In the Selected Scanner listbox, select the newly added scanner.
  • On the right pane, select the BarType (on which the indicator will be based on) and the Indicator which you intend to apply.
  • To configure the number of decimals the series value will display you can specify a string format.
  • If you want to trigger an Alert then please refer to the section Triggering an Alert for more details.
  • If you want to change the cell background color on certain conditions, then you can do so by adding triggers. Please refer to the section Applying Conditions for more details.
Market Scanner Column Selector
Triggering an Alert

While applying an Indicator in the Market Scanner View user has the option of triggering an Alert. An alert will be triggered if the last traded price (LTP) crosses above or crosses below the indicator series value. This works fine for any price based indicators like SMA etc. However indicators like RSI etc which are oscillators in nature, will not work as their values do not conform with LTP. As such user can further custom code the indicator and define the alert condition. For more details please refer here

User can also override the AlertScanner(TimeSpan) method and trigger an Alert for non-price based indicators. The RSI indicator which comes natively with ArthaChitra for example, when appliend on the Market Scanner will trigger an alert (if alert is enabled) when the RSI value crosses above 70 or below 30.

User can also rearm the alert by defining a time in the option 'Rearm alert (in minute)' from the GUI. If the rearm value is set to 0 (zero) then the rearm feature will be disabled and the alert will trigger only once.

Applying conditions
Condition View

If you want to change the background color when the indicator series matches some value then you can do so by adding a trigger.

  • Click on the Add button add a new trigger.
  • Select a condition from the Condition drop down.
  • Set a value
  • Select the background color you want to apply.
Context menu

The context menu can be invoked simply by right-clicking on the Market Scanner View. The context menu items are as follows:

  • Select the columns you want to display.
  • Select an Instrument.
  • Apply an Instrument List.
  • Select an Instrument from the Instrument List.
  • Remove any selected Instrument.
  • Accounts selector
  • Quantity selector
  • Available product types for the order
  • Always on top.
  • Sort Instrument by DisplayName.
  • Group Instrument by InstrumentType.
  • Clear sorting grouping.
Market Scanner Context Menu