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Chart View

The Chart View not only displays charts but is also an efficient order entry system. You can place orders via the chart or the Dom linked with it, and can modify orders by simple drag and drop operations.

Chart View
Menu Bar

Please find below the workings of the tool bar items

  • Instrument drop down menu items - Change chart instruments using the Instrument drop down menu item.
  • Periodicity drop down menu items - Change the periodicity of the using the periodicity drop down menu items.
  • Change the mouse type, with options to disable the mouse, default pointer or the cross hair mouse type
  • Increase or decrease bar width, bar space
  • Screenshot menu item - Take a screenshot of the chart. The screenshot is saved in the folder <My Documents>\ArthaChitra 1\Screenshot\
  • Drawing object drop down menu - Draw a chart object.
  • Opens the Data Series dialog
  • Chart Style menu item - Change the Chart Style of the bar.
  • Indicator selector menu item - Apply an indicator or edit existing indicators.
  • Enable/disable chart trader menu item - Enables or disables the Chart Trader.
  • Strategy selector menu item - Apply a strategy.
  • Bars data view menu item - Displays the current bars data.
  • Chart properties menu item - Displays the chart properties view.
  • Activates the View Link to bring linked view to front.
Chart Trader

The default chart trader incorporates a Dom view. The basic functioning is similar to the Dom view. Please click here to know more about the Dom View.

Note: The Dom View properties like Font, Grid Color etc are inherited from the Chart Properties only.

Data box

Middle mouse click will bring up the data box. On the Bars panel it will display the Time, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume and OI info. In addition if there are any indicators applied, it will also display the indicators series values. On a non-bar panel it will only show the applied indicators series info.

Context menu



You can invoke the context menu by right-clicking on the Dom View. Please find the workings of the default context menu items

  • The first 3 menu items pertains to buy/sell. One can place a buy or sell limit order, buy/sell stop limit order and buy/sell stop market order. Whether the order will be buy or sell depends on where you have right clicked on the chart. If you have clicked below the last traded price, the menu items will don Buy limit order and Sell stop orders and vice-verse. Please note, the menu item will pop up only if you are connected and your connection provider supports order submission. Again if the connection does not support a particular orderType then that menu item will not appear. For example NOW connection does not supports stop market orders. As such the menu items will not show the stop market items.
  • Reload Historical Data - If your connection supports historical data, then you reload the data using it.
  • Enable/disable the chart trader.
  • Select the account you want to trade.
  • Quantity selector
  • Available product types for the order
  • Take a screenshot of the chart view.
  • Opens the Data Series dialog
  • Opens the Chart Style selector view.
  • Opens the Indicator selector view.
  • Opens the Strategy selector view.
  • Opens the bars data view.
  • Opens the databox
  • Adds the current charts BarType to the Periodicity dropdown menu.
  • Sets the charts view as topmost.
  • Activates the View Link to bring linked view to front.
  • Save the applied indicators as a template.
  • Apply saved templates in the current chart.
  • Opens the Y Axis properties view.
  • Opens the chart properties view.
  • Apply custom chartTrader template.
Chart View Context Menu
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