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How to link Mouse

ArthaChitra lets you to link the mouse between two (or more) charts. Thus when you move the mouse on one chart then the bar of the corrosponding linked chart(s) automatically scrolls to the corrosponding time. Mouse linking is available accros instruments and accros periodicity.

To enable mouse linking please select the Linked Mouse button on the top right of the view with the same color accros the views

ArthaChitra gives users 6 different linking colors in addition to transparent (signifying linking is disabled).

Linked Mouse

You can further enable/disable the mouse linking by pressing the CTRL key

  • In Main View menu bar goto Settings > Options
  • In the Options View click on the General tab
  • Select the option 'Is mouse link enabled on ctrl'

Mouse linking (on that chart) will not work if the charts MouseType is set to Disabled.

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