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How to change My Documents location

For all practical purpose, ArthaChitra saves the user settings, charts data, sharpScript codes etc in the <My Documents>/ArthaChitra 1/ folder. In case of a hard disk crash etc user may need to format the hard disk of their PC/laptop. During this process, user may lose all the saved data much to his/her inconvenience. As such user may prefer to store the contents in a different drive which user's PC might have. Unfortunately ArthaChitra does not provides an options to change the default user folder, however as an alternative user can change the default location of the <My Documents> folder which will also serve the purpose.

Please follow the below steps to change the <My Documents> folder to a different drive:

  • Right-click My Documents (on the desktop), and then click Properties.
  • the Target box, type the new path to the My Documents folder, or click Move to browse to the folder and if needed, create a new My Documents folder. If the path you type does not exist, you are prompted to confirm that you want to create a new folder.
  • Click Yes to move files from the old My Documents location to the new location, or click No if you do not want to move these files. Note that if you click No, the files in the old location are not deleted, but they are no longer visible from My Documents after the change.

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Note: Changing the default <My Documents> folder may also affect other applications. As such please do consult with your system admin/software vendors if it is safe to change the default location of the <My Documnets> folder.