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How to localize

ArthaChitra lets you to build your own language resource files so that you can customize ArthaChitra in your preferred language. There are 2 (two) ways to creating a resource file via ArthaChitra.

Using Resx View

  • In ArthaChitra Main View menu bar goto Settings > Add Resource
  • In the Add Resx View append the necessary values in your preferred language.
  • Select the culture from the drop down menu.
  • Click Ok

Importing Resx file

One can also edit the default resx file (say in Visual Studio) and then import it to ArthaChitra

  • Download this zip file from here and extract the Resources.resx file
  • Open the file in say, Visual Studios and edit the fields in your preferred language
  • Save the file with the proper culture name e.g.

Once edited, you can import the resx file by following the below steps:

  • In ArthaChitra Main View menu bar goto Settings > Add Resx
  • In the select file dialog select the Resx file you want to import
  • Click on Open.

The resource file will be saved in the folder <My Documents >/ArthaChitra 1/Localization/

.The resource file (Resx file) must start with 'Resources' followed by the 'Culture Name'.The resource file will be saved by ArthaChitra as Resources.<culture name>.resources for example (where bn-IN is the culture name).