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How to import and export SharpScript codes

This section describes how to import and export sharpScript codes


How to import a SharpScript zip file

  • In Main View menu bar goto Settings > SharpScript > Import
  • In the file selector dialog view select the file you want to import
  • Click Open

Note: If the zip file contains Xaml files then you must restart ArthaChitra

If you encounter any compilation errors please refer here to know how to resolve it


How to export a SharpScript file (including the corrosponding Xaml template)

  • In Main View menu bar goto Settings > SharpScript > Export
  • In the Export SharpScript View select the ScriptType you want to export
  • The SharpScript codes are listed in the listbox at the extreme left
  • The Xaml files are populated in the middle listbox
  • Select the files you want to export and click on the Add button
  • The added files will be populated on the listbox on the right
  • Append a fileName in the TextBox
  • Click Ok