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How to configure BarType

A BarType can be configured while opening a chart. For this illustration we will try opening a 5 (Five) Minute chart. Please follow the below steps to configure the same.

Configure Bar Type
  • In Main View menu bar goto New > Chart
  • In the Open Chart View please select an instrument upon which the BarTypes drop down box will be displayed on the right side of the view populating all the available BarType.
  • Select Minute from the BarType drop down box.
  • In the Settings expander, set the Bar Value to 5 (five)
  • You may also select the ChartStyle associated with the BarType and set the properties of the ChartStyle.
  • Select the Start Date and the End Date (data, if available, will be loaded for this selected period).
  • Select an appropriate Session
  • Click Ok to open the chart

Please do remember ArthaChitra lets users to create their own BarTypes. The parameters/settings for each barTypes can differ from one another. In case of 3rd party codes please contact the developer/vendor of the specific sharpScript code.

How to add a specific barType periodicity in Chart View

The ChartView barType drop down list lets the user to change the periodicity easily. ArthaChitra lets the user to add his/her favourite periodicity in the barType drop down list for easy accessibitity.

  • Right click on the chart
  • Click on Add <barType periodicity> to BarType list

Now you will be able to access the newly added periodicity from the barType drop down list.

Add Bar Type To Chart