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How to add a reference

Please follow the below steps to add a reference to an assembly

  • Close ArthaChitra (if it is running)
  • Copy the dynamic link library (DLL) in ANY ONE of the following folders:

    • In the folder '<My Documents>\ArthaChitra 1 \SharpScript\' or
    • Installation folder of ArthaChitra. The typical installation folder in a 64bit environment is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\ArthaChitra 1\' and in a 32bit environment is 'C:\Program Files\ArthaChitra 1\'
  • Start ArthaChitra and in Main View goto New > SharpScript > Edit
  • In SharpScript File Dialog select any file
  • Click on Ok
  • In the SharpScript Editor View click on the Reference menu item in the toolbar
  • In the Reference View click on the Add button
  • In the Select file dialog select the assembly you want to refer and click on Ok