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Antivirus false positive

You may face a scenario where your anti-virus software may block ArthaChitra while installation. Needless to say ArthaChitra is completely safe to use and any such flags by your anti-virus software should be treated as false positive.

It may be the case you may need to add ArthaChitra in exception list of your anti-virus software. In such scenario, please add the below mentioned folder/files in the exception list of your anti-virus

  • ArthaChitra installation folder. Typically, the installation path will be:
    • In a 64 bit environment - C:\Program Files (x86)\ArthaChitra 1
    • In a 32 bit environment - C:\Program Files\ArthaChitra 1
  • <My Documnets>ArthaChitra 1 folder

Please refer to the below links which further describes how to add exception in respective anti-virus software

Installation blocked by anti-virus software

Your anti-virus software may prevent the installation process. For example the below screenshots illustrates how to continue with the installation process if Windows Defender blocks the installation process.

Window Defender 1

Click on the 'More info' link

Windows Defender 2

Click on the 'Run anyway' button to start the installation process.