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ArthaChitra Version, release date 29th June, 2021

Installation instructions for existing users : If version or above is installed then you can install the new version on top of it. No special instructions has to be followed. However if you are using version or prior version then please make a clean installation. Please click here to know how to make a clean installation.

For all existing users

Please re-import the instrument definitions by following the below steps

  • In Main View Menubar, goto Settings > Instruments > Import
  • In the Import dialog view select the file you want to import
  • Click Ok
  • Restart ArthaChitra

Please compile the user-codes after installation. Please refer here to know more.




UpdatedConnectionReal-time and historical data support in Fyers connection
FixedViewsNumericUpDown control not accepting OEMPeriod key
FixedSharpScriptUn-handled exception in multi-series indicator/strategy
UpdatedOrderCoverOrder template now supports reference price
AddedViewsDefault object of BarType and Drawing Object can be set => do documentation
AddedSharpScriptAutoScale property in Indicator
AddedSharpScriptSetSecondaryBarType method
AddedViewsPlot series IsDisplayedInYAxis can be configured via GUI
AddedViewsAbility to display OHLC in Chart Title bar (configurable from chart properties)}
AddedViewsTurn off/on indicator name in chart (configurable from chart properties)
FixedSharpScriptXmlIgnore attribute now accounted for while deep cloning an object
FixedOrderSIM order cannot be closed or reversed when connected to Fyers
ChangedViewsInstrument control in Multi-Instrument indicator
AddedResourcesLblTotalBuyQty, LblTotalSellQty, LblLastTradedQty, LblShowIndicatorLegend, LblMiscellaneous, LBLShowOHLC