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ArthaChitra Version, release date 1st April, 2021

ArthaChitra now targets the .Net Framework 4.7.2. If .Net Framework 4.7.2 is not installed in your computer then please download and install it from here.

Installation instructions for existing users : If version or above is installed then you can install the new version on top of it. No special instructions has to be followed. However if you are using version or prior version then please make a clean installation. Please click here to know how to make a clean installation.

For all existing users

Please re-import the instrument definitions by following the below steps

  • In Main View Menubar, goto Settings > Instruments > Import
  • In the Import dialog view select the file you want to import
  • Click Ok
  • Restart ArthaChitra

Please compile the user-codes after installation. Please refer here to know more.




FixedDataDay data with BackfillPolicy == Merged
ChangedSharpScriptRollovers now can be defined via a sharpScript user codes
AddedViewsAccount tab will display native account params of the connection
FixedOrdersOrders placed from Basket Order View may not get filled in Simulator account if instrument is not subscribed
FixedOrdersOCO tags retained on re-connection for connections which does not supports OCO tags
ChangedInstallationArthaChitra now targets .Net Framework 4.7.2
FixedViewsSyntax highlighter now retains last applied syntax when new editor is opened
AddedViewsInstrument Link enabled in Main View > Order and Position tabs
FixedViewsPositions product type can be converted from Main View > Positions tab
UpgradedConnectionInteractive Brokers Connection now targets IB API v9.81
FixedSharpScriptIs Bar in session logic
ChangedSharpScriptSession definitions in Default24x7 session user code
AddedSharpScriptCPR indicator
FixedViewsUser parameters is visible even when TemplateType == None in Indicator and Strategy selector view
AddedConnectionFyers connection
AddedViews"Refresh order status" menu item in Main View > Orders tab
AddedResourcesResources : ScriptTypeRollover, LblIsAmo, LblFyersViewModel, LblIsOCOModifiedInBasket