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ArthaChitra Version, release date 21st June 2018

Existing users: Please recompile the user assembly after installation. Please refer here to know more.




FixedConnectionTICK index (Interactive Brokers) not appending real-time data
AddedSharpScriptImport Export sharpScript module (Settings > SharpScript > Import/Export) now supports assembly (*.dll) import/export
AddedViewsCompiler errors are highlighted in Pink
FixedOrdersOrder quantity cannot be increased from Dom View
AddedXamlImportType user codes now supports Xaml template
FixedViewsInstrument Manager takes long time load when expressionDark skin is applied
FixedViewsList Box Items alignment set to Stretch when expressionDark skip is applied
AddedViewsFractional pricing support in doubleUpDown control
ChangedViewsOrder prices (like limit price, stop price etc) now supports fractional prices.
ChangedViewsMarketWatch and TnS Xaml template
FixedViewsTnS View can crash due to race conditions
FixedConnectionUser can specify sim price in case sim price is not assigned
FixedDataInstruments (in instrument list) got corrupted when instrumentDefinition is edited
FixedConnectionHistorical data if queried for 1 day may not append
FixedConnectionInteractive Brokers Historical data appended one day less
AddedSharpScriptScannerBase user codes now supports secondary instrument(s)
AddedSharpScriptScannerBase.OnTick method, ScannerBase.IsPositionSubscribed, ScannerBase.IsLevel1Subscribed and ScannerBase.IsLevel2Subscribed marked obsolete.
ChangedSharpScriptScannerBase.OnTick method replaced with OnLevel1(int, RealTimeDataEventArgs)
FixedOrderPosition update event lags
FixedViewsScanner View columns now alignd to center