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ArthaChitra Version, release date 20th January, 2021

Installation instructions for existing users : If version or above is installed then you can install the new version on top of it. No special instructions has to be followed. However if you are using version or prior version then please make a clean installation. Please click here to know how to make a clean installation.

If your existing version is 1.0.23 or below then please re-import the instrument definitions

  • In Main View Menubar, goto Settings > Instruments > Import
  • In the Import dialog view select the file you want to import
  • Click Ok
  • Restart ArthaChitra

For all existing users: Please compile the user-codes after installation. Please refer here to know more.




FixedViewsButtonChartTrader Close Position and Reverse Position not working
AddedViewsOptions.IsAlertOnStopTrail = true will play sound when a stop is trailed
FixedConnection'Master data path' field in XTS Interactive Connection
FixedConnectionDelete XTS Master data file in case it is corrupted.
FixedConnectionChanges in XTS API url path
AddedConnectionNative bracket orders (BO) in XTS Interactive connection
FixedViewsDisclosed quantity not visible if order type != Limit
FixedViewsBasket Orders can now assign Order Templates Strategies
AddedViewsBasket Orders items can now be saved in xml templates and user can assign them for future use
FixedViewsName view Ok button will disable in case name contains an invalid char or have any reserved name
FixedViewsTimeInForce now selectable from context menu of the View (Chart, Dynamic Dom, Market Watch/Scanner)
FixedDataSupport for NSE Weekly futures
FixedDataWeekly FnO contracts will be evaluated by expiry day and not by expiry week
UpdatedDataNSE Instrument Definition txt file
AddedResourcesLblIsBasketPriceSerialized, LblIsAlertOnStopTrail, LblSocket, LblMasterDataPath, LblTwoFactorPin, LblLoginCredentials, LblApiCredentials, LblAppSource, LblVersion, LblUserId, LblEncriptionKey