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ArthaChitra Version, release date 29th February, 2020

Installation instructions for existing users : If version or above is installed then you can install the new version on top of it. No special instructions has to be followed. However if you are using version or prior version then please make a clean installation. Please click here to know how to make a clean installation.

If your existing version is 1.0.23 or below then please re-import the instrument definitions

  • In Main View Menubar, goto Settings > Instruments > Import
  • In the Import dialog view select the file you want to import
  • Click Ok
  • Restart ArthaChitra

For all existing users: Please compile the user-codes after installation. Please refer here to know more.




FixedSharpScriptMultiInstrument indicator's secondary series now can be set from the view
AddedSharpScriptCCI, CorelationPercent, CorrelationCoefficient, ForceIndex, KAMA, OBV, MAEnvelope, TEMA, TMA, VIDYA, WildersMA, WMA, HMA, TSI, Ultimate Oscillator indicator
AddedSharpScriptPointNFigure BarType & ChartStyle
FixedSharpScriptProperty value of user defined custom class/enum etc types may not get set
FixedViewsNative codes cannot be saved or compiled
FixedSharpScriptIsFirstTickOfBar always returned true when State == Historical
AddedViewsBackup and Restore View
FixedConnectionXTS API changes in real-time subscription
AddedResourcesResources - LblBoxSize, LblReversal, LblBuiltDataType, ExchangeMCXCM, ExchangeNSECOM, TimeInForceEOS, TimeInForceCOL, LblLogin2FViewModel, ParticipantType~Enums, LblParticipantType, LblBackupViewModel, LblRestore, - LblOldPassword, LblNewPassword, LblChangePasswordViewModel, LblVerify, LblParameter, LblLogType, LblLogAddress, LblLogFile, LblDomainName, LblLocBrokerAddress, - LblDmnServerAddress, LblDSFOAddress, LblLicenseServerAddress, LblAdminSocket, LblInteractiveDD, LblBroadcastDD, LblUsername, LblFilepath, LblSslAuthFile, - LblSslCertificateFile, LblSslKeyFile, LblInteractiveType, LblBroadcastType, LblOverwrite, LblBackup, LblUserCodes, LblConfig, LblSelectedFile