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ArthaChitra Version Beta release date 30th March 2017

Existing Users : This version incorporates a new connection and as such the database has been changed to reflect the new addition. As such please make a clean installation if ArthaChitra is already installed in your PC. Plese click here to know more about how to make a clean installation




AddedSharpScriptLevel1 and Level2 streams in sharpScript user codes
AddedSharpScriptLevel2 stream in Scanner user codes
AddedSharpScriptSetSecondaryInstrument method to set instrument dynamically for secondary bars series
FixedViewsThe charts x-axis time and new session time overlaps
FixedViewsLarger timeframe being formatted in minute format string
AddedSharpScriptNew overload for EnterLongLimit and EnterShortLimit(int quantity, limitPrice)
AddedSharpScriptPlot constructor allows the option whether it will be displayed in the yAxis or not.
ChangedSharpScriptisOverlay property extended to strategy
FixedSharpScriptIndicator scanner not calling State.Finalize
FixedViewsConditions were wrongly being evaluating in cellConditionConverter
ChangedSharpScriptUser can add cellCondition in custom Scanner user codes
FixedSharpScriptEnterShortLimit submitting long orders
AddedSharpScriptvolumeDataType scanner user code
ChangedSharpScriptConditions has been added to the AccountPosition Scanner user code. Now background color will change based on position
AddedSharpScriptIndicator : BollingerBand, StdDev, OpenInterest
ChangedDataBars built from from Day builtDataType, Bars.IsContinious property will NOT merge the data across expiries unlike minute / tick based bars
AddedConnectionTrueData connection
ChangedDataDepreciated redundant data provider enum values
ChangedDataDatabase now incorporates symbols for TrueData
AddedConnectionHyperlink to connection help guide in New Connection View
AddedViewsOrder quantity can be configured via the chart context menu
FixedViewsTimeNSales quotes will not append any value for instrumentType == Indices. SizeFilter not applicable for Indices
FixedViewsPrice alignment issue in dom ladder while placing order via the chart
ChangedViewsChart's bars start date now set to global dates (can be configured from Settings > Options > Data) if builtType is changed
FixedViewsChart context menu showing buy sell buttons for indices also
AddedViewsDatabox can be invoked from chart context menu
AddedViewsIncrease/decrease bars width/space menuitems in toolbar menu
ChangedDataSim price will populate (in Simulator connection) only if a bar is initialized and the bar must have atleast one bar. The bar can be initialized by opening a chart or via the market scanner (applying the Indicator scanner)
ChangedOrderOrderTypes and TimeInForces array property in Connection class depreciated. The same has been added in Accounts class
FixedConnectionRealtime data in Now connection syncs with system timezone and exchange timezone
AddedResourcesScriptTypeImportType, DataFeedProviderTrueData, LblIsNearMonthSymbol, LblPositionType, LblDayReloadDays, LblMinuteReloadDays, LblTickReloadDays, LblShowDatabox, LblId, LblConvert, LblRemarks, LblProduct, LblVariety, LblOrderId, LblNet, LblCash, LblRealizedPnL, TimeInForceUnknown, LblSegment, LblRefresh, LblApiSecret, LblKiteConnectViewModel