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ArthaChitra Version Beta release date 18th February 2016

Existing Users : Please make a clean installation if ArthaChitra is already installed in your PC. Plese click here to know more about how to make a clean installation




AddedMiscHelp menu item in Main View menubar. Opens the online help files
FixedConnectionNOW datafeed returns average fill price instead of actual fill price. changed (calculated reversed) it to the actual price
ChangedViewsThe listbox add/remove button (in say, indicator selector view) now being moved to the right side
ChangedViewsAutomatic rollover, Month view changed to a drop down list.
AddedSharpScriptOxyplot reference in default load references along with System.Runtime and System.Collections, System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations
FixedViewsInactive orders were visible on the chart and dom view
RemovedViewsSystem tab > Thread tab in mainView
FixedViewsOutputCollection still adding values even when the view is closed.
AddedViewsStrategyPerformance view
AddedSharpScriptPerformance and Commission scriptTypes
AddedViewsCommissions tab in Options View.
ChangedOrderRealized and unrealized PnL now takes into account of commission
FixedViewsView icon disappears from taskbar when the view is maximized/minimized in Windows 10 OS
FixedSharpScriptAvgPriceType not getting updated (in Options > Order tab) when UserCodes is recompiled
AddedResourcesLblSharpScriptParameters, LblBacktest, LblStrategyPerformance, LblStrategyPerformanceViewModel, LblTransactions, LblEntryName, LblExitName, LblMAE, LblMFE, LblETD, LblRun, LblPerformances, LblAllTrades, LblLongTrades, LblShortTrades, LblEntryBar, LblBarCount, LblGrossPnL, LblNetPnL, LblCommission, LblSummery, ScriptTypePerformance, MonthJanuary, MonthFebruary, MonthMarch, MonthApril, MonthMay, MonthJune, MonthJuly, MonthAugust, MonthSeptember, MonthOctober, MonthNovember, MonthDecember, SummeryTypeMisc, SummeryTypePnL, SummeryTypeTime, SummeryTypeTransaction, SummeryTypeAverage SummeryTypeRatio, SoundTypeOrder, SoundTypeConnection, SoundTypeSharpScript, HotKeyTypeOrder, HotKeyTypeChart, HotKeyTypeSharpScript, LblCalculationMode, LblType, LblIsCommissionIncluded, ScriptTypeCommission, MsgFinalized, MsgIsEnabled